Plastic Kitchenware

coleman features

– Using two layers of veneer on the sides and insulation layers in the middle to maintain temperature
– Coming in various sizes suitable for different places

Plastic Bread Box

Our bread boxes are produced in various sizes and in two types, transparent and patterned, the transparent type keeps the bread fresh for a longer period of time. We produce different types of bread boxes in different shapes and we use the highest quality raw materials.

Freezer containers and boxes

– Practical and in attractive designs
– Made from high quality raw materials
– Resistant to frost and deformation
– Very easy to wash
– Prevents the smell of food in the freezer
– Strong and durable
– Affordable and reasonably priced

Plastic pitchers

Plastic pitchers have high strength. These pitchers are produced in different sizes and designs, using quality raw materials. These products are very durable and rarely damaged.

Plastic trays

Plastic trays are very economical due to their large variety, high durability, light weight, reasonable price, and high impact resistance. These products by the best raw materials and are supplied in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes.

Plastic rinsing baskets

This product is offered in different sizes, shapes, colors, and they are produced in both steel and plastic types; the plastic type is more economical and is supplied in various types of folding, simple, based, etc.

Plastic rice buckets

Rice buckets are designed and produced in a variety of sizes and shapes, and colors. This product is produced and supplied using the best raw materials in different types of 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, etc.

Plastic meat board

Plastic meet boards, unlike wooden boards, are resistant to bacteria formation due to their easy cleanability. And, unlike glass meat boards, they do not blunt the knife or make an unpleasant noise. Plastic meet boards are quite economical compared to their high quality.

Our other plastic kitchenware

Plastic spoon holders
Plastic peelers
Plastic juicers
Plastic cups and pitchers